Estates: Probate, Intestacy and Letters of Administration

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We can help you with estate and sucession plans

Succession & asset protection

How we can help you

  • Protecting your family and business assets from creditors
  • Ensuring family members with special needs are provided for
  • Assessing assets and taxation
  • Minimising the possibility of claims against your estate by third parties
  • Creating discretionary, family trusts or self-managed super fund trusts (SMSF) to minimise tax, provide shared income for family members, minimise risk of creditors making claims against your assets, and placing valuable assets out of direct control of individuals at risk of making poor decisions.

Estate planning

Estate planning is an active and ongoing process of re-evaluating your estate when your life circumstances change such as when you get married, divorced, change your family’s asset pool, change your working conditions such as buying or selling a business, and upon the establishment of discretionary trusts.

We can assist you with:

  • Special purpose trusts 
  • General trusts
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Special Disability trusts
  • Self-Managed Superfund trusts  
  • Family trusts
  • Testamentary trusts

If you own a business, we can ensure your corporate structure assists you in obtaining protection in the most tax-effective way, and provide advice for your accountant to make suitable arrangements. 

Letters of Administration

Your succession planning documents, such as your will, enduring powers of attorney and enduring guardianship, are some of the most important documents you will own. We recommend keeping your will up to date and to review your succession documents every three years.

Probate (a proving of the will) is usually begun by application to the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Where property is held in NSW, the nature of the property and its value are all issues that often appear straightforward. Yet there can be any number of complicating factors. That is where the experience of our team is of great value, taking the stress out of the whole process for you. There is also peace of mind in knowing that an accredited specialist has overall responsibility for your matter should a challenge to the will arise. You need not live in NSW to retain our services. We have acted successfully in estate matters for local, interstate and international clients.

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